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Thank you for giving this your consideration!

I should say that when I spoke of making the Bonus code "usable any time during the month", I really meant: "any ONE time during the month". Beyond that, I really hadn't thought too much about the specifics ...

Originally Posted by ibol View Post
I'd want it to be something different from the existing codes, maybe something that players would see and say, "yes, I want that, but maybe I'll hold off on using it." - something powerful and tempting, but with strategic choice
Great thinking!

One idea I've had is to give the players one opportunity to exercise the code during a specific time frame (say: June) and get the choice to select from one of three offered devices. For example, in my current game (Sector 30) I would love to have the "Crew Toroid", but have not been able to purchase one, or craft one. On other occasions, I would have killed for the "Artifact Catalog", or even a collection of say 50 random crafting parts. There are always things you need. And getting a choice -- one item of 3 offered, or 2 items of 5 offered, is attractive, and spurs a somewhat strategic decision.

I think perhaps that getting a ship component (weapon or shield) might be trickier, because at any given point in a game, a specific weapon or shield might either be too powerful (and un-balance the game) or too weak (and therefore not attractive). Also some devices (mine sweepers and ram scoops come to mind) already seem to be readily available. And there is a magnitude issue here -- to make the bonus attractive, but not too powerful.

So anyways, Ibol, you are the creative genius (and I mean that sincerely) behind this game; and I think that you could make the best judgment as to what sort of bonus code is most appropriate, and do-able.

Personally, I would be totally happy with anything that adds a small-to-medium measure of added *FUN* to the game; which is available to all players who are presently playing; for the one game that they are currently playing. As I noted I also like the idea of incentivizing interest (and participation) in the whole of the AI Forum. Thanks again! ... ...
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