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Default Re: Daily Codes For All Of April!

Originally Posted by ibol View Post
I never got to play that, but I coded my own "star trek" sims on my Atari 800xl, based on the David H. Ahl Books
That's an impressively short listing for what it does. The version I played on mainframes (mainly at University of Washington computer labs) was very similar but had many additional features - the time warp, Tholians laying web, Romulans, Klingon Command ships and Super Command Ships with long-range tractor beams, planets you could mine for dilithium crystals if needed, and you could even sometimes get the Enterprise destroyed but manage to survive and take commander of another less-capable ship. Like Rogue, people kept hacking in random features so it got to be pretty full of quirky details, which I liked a lot.
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