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Default Re: International Roguelike Developers Conference

I'm so glad that someone did capture/record Bob Saunders' address at the IRDC conference!

And a Big Thanks to pzgndr for posting the youtube link in this discussion thread.

Genuinely interesting Info! ... Because, unlike a lot of the folks playing Approaching Infinity, I had really had almost no exposure to Roguelike games until I bought this one. In fact, I only learned what "procedurally generated content" meant, a couple of months ago, and I am still learning to appreciate what that means for a game design. (I know waaaay more about 4X games, for example, based on 20+ years experience -- My first PC was an Commodore Pet purchased back in 1979 -- )

Anyways, I am enjoying gaining additional insights into this kind of a gaming enterprise.

Thanks for sharing, Mr. Saunders!

[ Now when do we get the next update ? ]
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