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Default Re: Lessons Learned from the Rus - Ukr war

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
122mm HE is a decent killer of lightly armoured vehicles as well, according to the report. It is also good in the game I have found against tin-plated APC and IFV. But then again, in WW2 I am perfectly happy to fire SU-152 HE onto tigers. The 6 inch bricks can deal with them, and it clears any surrounding infantry at the same time while at least giving the big cats a headache!...
I have seldom used SP Arty for direct fire, but I have seen it in a few PBEM games - one of the first games I played (against Martinez) saw him attack with a 1944 Panzer KG using all kinds of stuff, incl Hummels, in the first wave.

Myself though I tend to keep the arty out of the danger zone as much as possible...
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