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Default Re: Lessons Learned from the Rus - Ukr war

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
In MBT, I generally prefer cheap light tin-plated APCS like the BTR-60/80s or Saracens, to give my guys protected mobility only. I also tend to get the grunts out and walk over the last few yards too, using the mobility to get to a hidden debussing point near to the objective. I'm not a great fan of tin-plated IFV, nor any IFV with tiny dismount squads (7 or less bayonets say). They tend to die too quickly against tanks and other IFV if you put them out in the open and try to fight with them. The only useful IFV have decent protection IMHO - such as the Israeli models. And since the whole point of APC/IFV is the infantry they carry, then they have to carry a useful squad size too (8-10 dismounts).
One of the reasons I've always liked the LVT/AAV (at least until they added thermal sights and the game cost skyrocketed), it's a perfectly good battle taxi and carries enough troops you only need 3 to carry even the "oversize" reinforced USMC Rifle Platoons (50+ troops).
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