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Default #338--Fintel Ridge special woods rule

Hi everybody. There's a "highly recommended" rule for size 4 and above vehicles in Weasel's Red Army scenario. It says:

"All size 4 and larger vehicles may only move through a single woods hex to represent the difficulty of large fighting vehicles moving through close terrain. Example: If there are two woods hexes in a row the vehicle may only enter one of them no matter how many turns pass, this represents being under the tree canopy, but not in the woods"

Does this mean that once such a vehicle enters a woods hex it cannot enter any more woods hexes the rest of the game? Or that it cannot enter two woods hexes in succession? Or that it can only enter woods hexes that are adjacent to non-woods hexes (thus skirting the edge of the woods)? Sorry to sound clueless but this rule seems either extremely prohibitive or ambiguous. Thanks.
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