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Default Re: Vital Airfield

Only 4 turns in I think some of my stuff its obvious where it will turn up, due to emplacments in place.
I am assuming the Marines will be making an anphib landing, not checked HQ screen to see when or where or whats coming by clicking on. Probably will around turn 10 to 12 if not shown up.

From layout my assumption was attack is expected from top, bottom right quadrant & possibly from left side thoughthat looks least protected.
Survived the initial bombing fairly well but smoke from has hindered fire zones quite badly, confirmed attack from the top but was not expecting the paratroopers to drop in.
They have been causing costly havoc as landed near some of my MANPAD & ATGM units & a MMG, also to close to my HQ for comfort, fortunatly I did my normal set his range to 4 at the start thing so I dont think he has been detected.
Currently mech reinforcments that have arrived have split, 1 platoon heading to take up position in the South the others to the rescue of my HQ.
Due to smoke only other unit that could protect him was a fortified turret that was dispatched with a well aimed RPG.
Tense already need to mop up the paratroopers as a priority & I know some have landed out of LOS so I need to find them.
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