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Default Re: Vital Airfield

Ever wish you saved the game at the end of your turn so you could roll the die again just to see how differently it pans out, this was one of those turns.

Russian air is doing an amazing job of taking out my air defences.

Top of map my emplaced tank misses the moving target only to be taken out by its initial return fire, 60+% vs 11%. Scouts was the same mines dead killed in 2 shots without inflicting harm.

Battle for the airfield goes badly especially engineer hill side, Paras are living up to there elite status hitting bunkers at 500m with RPGs & making short work of dug in units.

On the flip side the home guard excelled round the school making short work of the paras there but the real surprise was the non combat troops.
Poor guys took a real beating during the bombing at the start losing an entire squad & the rest in route or rally state. They have been shot up a bit by the Paras some of whom landed adjacent.
Enough is enough must have had a hero rally or something the surviving squads are still hanging in there & have taken out everyone except the sniper.

Very bloody turn for both sides not your normal exchange of shots for the odd casualty lots of snake eyes on both sides entire units lost in 2 to 3 exchanges of fire.
I would love to have seen how that played out if I did it again, my dug in front line troops are getting slaughtered while the lesser quality not entrenched troops are having a field day.
Heck I was coming to the rescue of the wrong guys the battle might well hinge on what I do with my mobile forces I feel a storm coming from the top but the paras are still a big issue. Running my vehicles around at speed could prove very costly with the air still active.
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