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Default Re: Vital Airfield

The Russian bombardment of the airfield is in three stages.
#1 - A bunch of level bombers, there's enough of them they'll hit something, and if nothing else block fields of fire with dust and smoke.

#2 - SEAD strike, hopefully taking out radar guided/aimed AA weapons.

#3 - A swarm of MiG-27Ds, each with a couple LGB's (WC 17) for their initial strike then rockets and cluster bombs for follow-up strikes.

Oh ... did I mention a battalion of artillery and another of BM-21s?

One might get the feeling the Russians really want that airfield out of commission if not in their hands.

Those non-combat troops are armed with SMGs ... if the paratroops are in range ... yeah .. they should do fairly well. The question is what happens when they're not in SMG range?
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