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#1 As mentioned bombers did do some minor damage including wiping out a complete squad. Main thing though was smoke helped Paras till turn 4 or 5 by hindering view.

#2 Yes was aware due to probably giving away positions firing at para drop AA assets have also been actively targeted early on. Even the reinforcement MANPADs have been targeted over the vehicles & other units they unloaded from.

#3 Seen many people comment on air not being cost effective, I agree if used on a small scale but its a serious problem in a case like this.
Air & paras give the AI intel so it plays better.

This is a Tense battle choices, choices do I want my arty firing all out. Can I risk vehicles moving at high speed & hence being easily spotted & am I going to the right spot anyway.
This battle rages across a good portion of the map with hotspots flaring up here & there.

Not the best recon but remaining non combat troops are moving to cover avenues of approach for areas I am not expecting an attack from, just in case.

Not going to give updates as will spoil the fun but your deployment gives you a good idea of where they are coming from, not for the light hearted this is proving a very bloody battle.

I my case the surprising ferocity of the early exchanges has calmed down, the game engine has still thrown up some nasty surprises. 2 Para ATGMs fired on while they were moving hero rallied & took out the attacking unit.

If you wanted to nit-pick a couple of my early reinforcements arrived adjacent or in one case in the same hex as the Paras (it was wiped out in the very first exchange of shots).
To me its fine they were not close to the airfield so just a bit slow reacting to the attack, out of the barracks straight into enemy arms.

In my case also the one thing AAA was fairly effective at hitting was the transports so several bailed early rather than at the drop zone.

May just be this run through but the AI has been very effective at selecting priority targets, ATGMs MANPADS etc. apart from a few AA guns I have not managed to take advantage of the extra ammo load outs some support units got.

Like this one fraught rather than fun is how I would describe it. Need to pay attention your choices & indeed a bit of luck or not could make your losses quite varied. Will definitely replay this in the future at some point
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