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Fallout Re: Counter battery fire question

1. On map arty has no ability to "counter battery" either on map or off map artillery units. On map arty relies solely on the ability to have the target spotted, whatever the target is, though also you can "shoot in the blind" where you suspect the enemy is located. Concerning arty units you might not see the actual piece of artillery/mortars etc. but, possibly one of your units might just see smoke on the map somewhere. This is a good indication in relation to your units that closer in might be an unseen ATGW team(s), medium distance possibly a mortar unit(s) and further out either field or SPA/SPAA units as a very general rule of thumb. Note what you can figure out in this way so can an opponent whether human or AI. Speaking about this from the AI point of view, it does this very well on it's own.
So yes, it all has to be plotted.

2. Counter battery is totally in the realm belonging to Off Map Arty and then only if you have enough Off Map Units that are not committed to any other fire mission. This applies to all players including the AI.

3. All artillery attacks against On Map Arty has to be plotted whether in the blind or spotted.

Hope this clears it up for you.

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