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Default Re: Counter battery fire question

Originally Posted by scorpio_rocks View Post
A quick follow on question, if I may?

My CB fire seems MUCH more effective on its first salvo, (usually 30+ hits and Battery destroyed) than subsequent turns (around 4 "hits") - Is this normal / intentional?
The artillery that causes so much destruction (20+ damage per CB salvo) is artillery equipped with DPICM munitions. These are devastating against lightly armored vehicles and also very effective against infantry in the open. Pre-DPICM, artillery usually causes around 5 dmg at best in CB fire. So what happens is that at first, your arty uses DPICM and raises hell on earth. Then, as said ammo is diminished, it has to use regular artillery rounds, which aren't that effective. In addition to that, I believe (but haven't proved that) that the less ammo an artillery unit has, the less likely it is to perform CB fire.
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