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Fallout Re: Counter battery fire question

I believe the numbers go down over time very simply is because there just are less surviving enemy off map units to counter battery. Two other issues I think that come into play, though, I could off base here is...
1) Less firing by the enemy due to damage, suppression and ammo supply.

2) For your side, if you've not been CB'd, the first two items from "1)" wouldn't apply, however, if you stay in CB mode against the enemy ammo becomes your issue as well.

3) One other factor I just thought of, is the player shifting fire missions of some of their off map arty to other targets. reducing the number available for CB missions and depending on which of your units you chose to continue CB missions, you might've chosen less experienced units to do the job reducing their effectiveness.

I think I'm close to the mark here (?) without having a "manusha sandwich" for lunch. Which I now need to take care of now/lunch that is!

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