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Default Re: Syrian Army T-72 Destroys al-Qaeda T-90 in northern Hama Governorate, Syria

Originally Posted by Imp View Post
On a similar vein & surprising just how bad some military training is had a conversation with a hairdresser today, ex T-55 commander in Iraq.
Appears the way they crewed them was simple, firstly they found someone that could drive it then they assigned other crew men to it so he went from commanding a squad to commanding a tank.
Once it was obvious the coalition was serious they got told to drive to a range & fire 3 shells as practice. No instruction was given & these were the only 3 shots they ever fired.
Became pretty obvious that unless someone parked directly in front of them they could not hit them so as commander he suggested run & 2 days later they had all fled the country.
I bet I'm the only one who finds that incredibly amusing.
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