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Default Re: Counter battery fire question

Originally Posted by scorpio_rocks View Post
A quick follow on question, if I may?

My CB fire seems MUCH more effective on its first salvo, (usually 30+ hits and Battery destroyed) than subsequent turns (around 4 "hits") - Is this normal / intentional?
I have not paid much attention to this but thinking it through.

As mentioned above if the unit has CM ammo it will use it, second fire may only be a partial fire due to remaining ammo then it will switch to HE
Rockets also second fire will be with reduced ammo.
Experince also plays a part, lets assume lower experince units are detected faster on the whole so are the early targets. An on map units experince does effect its vulnerability to damage, dodges or uses cover better.
Same probably applies to offmap CB was less effective as less rounds hit target, just assume they nearly got away with relocating before being fired on.

From playing a damaged unit works exactly as an on map unit does, think of it as crew abandons & then recrews at some point. Level of damage effects ROF & probably has destroyed a tube.
Damaged units therefore may recover but will perform with reduced effectivness.

To prevent this & destroy the battery rockets are very effective, I often save second salvo for on map use & HE is normaly fine.
Generally want good HE kill so big guns, if you have special (LW or similar) ammo theses are very effective.
The units with around double the HE kill but reduced ammo. If they have the range 105 versions of these are very effective. HE kill is normally better than the bigger tubes plus they usually have a higher R0F though unit cost reflects this.

Pure speculation but I would say following happens though never bother looking at in this detail
Number of tubes x ROF ( gives approximation of the volley) x HE kill gives lethality.
Arty skill of firing unit effects lethality if really want to take into account as does experince of the defender.
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