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Originally Posted by ScottWAR View Post
Originally Posted by spillblood View Post
I agree on the idea bombers should have a short range, that they must be one square away from the target, because you see: If they bomb a target, they have to be directly over it.
Bombers dont use bombs,...they use air to ground missles which do have a much longer range in real life than any air to air missles, bombers having a longer range than fighters is realistic. However,...the tactical map is too small for fighters to use their addvantage effectively,..the ability to move faster. A bomber can make two moves and be in range to hit anything on the map.
I meant carpet bombing, which modern bombers are also capable of, but
you're right. The movement range of the bombers should be reduced. Maybe the attack range could be increased with higher tech levels (better guided bombs/ missile tech available)
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