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Default Re: Wish List

My wish (dream list)--

1. Radar stations would cost significantly more and have more range.

2. If the game can simulate the radar abilities of AWACs then it should be able to design in a Jammer plane. Oh like an Aardvark or a Prowler. That would be fun to see. Drape the fog of war over your opponent. (I've built and attacked with Stealth but what do they really do?)

OTHER THOUGHTs-- Air Transporting since the patch too easy. I run my attacks like Halo drop ships. In a single round, I can C5 drop in my tank, capture 3 countries, bring up the C5 and be loaded to fly next round onto virgin territories. This is far too easy. Prior to the patch I could cap like this if 2 countries were unguarded and then had to keep an eye on it. (Lets make it harder. Much harder.)

3. Someone already said this but--- aircraft should have a CAP presence and be able to flank off air movement in country beside them.

What do you think?
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