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Default Re: winSPMBT V11 upgrade for 2017

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by Dion View Post
How the hell do you download this? I was able to download each update for the entire existence of the game, now I can't. I'm able to do less and less each year. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to single out Shrapnel Games, generally it's the whole computer industry. It's like you have to be a certain class to use the personal confuser (I mean PC) nowadays, and it's getting worse and worse, and if I might add ... pretty ridiculous. I bet it's a 3rd party internet program like Winzip, or some stupid error on my part, like a bad connection or something. Either-way, I'll figure it out (well I hope). I just hope I don't have to spend a whole bunch of money in the process.
I have NO IDEA what the problem seems to be but it's at your end or everyone would be complaining. I click on the link, wait a few seconds and it starts to DL and ( for me ) about 45 seconds later it's on my HDD. I use Chrome, Internet explorer works slightly different but the end result is the same
I got it to work. I simply used someone else's computer to download it to my flash drive and then downloaded it to my computer at home. Good update!

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