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Default Cross Link Scenarios: Mission type

Cross Link Scenarios: Mission type

Usually the concept will be the following (without the bonus missions deployment – extraction):

In the secondary mission the player will have the choice to modify the parameters of the primary mission by attacking the secondary mission objective or ignore it. This will have as an immediate effect the level of victory and by the level of victory the cross-link will decide the parameters of the primary mission. The mechanism is simple. The player by destroying the very high value objectives will win a decisive victory. If the player doesn’t wish to engage the secondary objectives then he will simply win a minor victory. Anything less than a decisive victory will lead to the default cross-link scenario.

The bottom line of the secondary mission is that by winning the map the player will raise a bit his odds during the primary mission but with the risk of losing strength from the battle (and there is also the risk of other side-effects as well; like for instance, the opposing enemies of the primary battle could be better prepared due to the loss of surprise.

Examples No1.

Hidden Ammo Cache.

Among the various villages on the map there will be hidden ammo depot/bunkers with randomize reinforcement arrival and the player will have to search & destroy these high (modified) value targets in order to win a Decisive victory. At the same time, depending on the player’s skill (adjustable Difficulty), the AI will receive reinforcements (hostile patrol) at random (low percentage reinforcement) from routes located in the edge of the map and some militia as garrison of the village. If the player succeeds to win a decisive (destroying all the ammo depot; the VP flags will value very low) then he will play the primary map against enemies with considerably less ammo (not only infantry but also artillery, bunkers). The only problem will be that his unit will probably suffer casualties from the engagement (battle) of the secondary mission.

Example No2.

Artillery Park

The same as the above with the difference that the random targets are arty plus ammo and that in the primary mission the player will face considerably less artillery (almost none)

Example No3.

Regional/local Leader

The same as the above with the difference that the random targets are a couple of HQ high value units. If the player succeeds to his secondary mission then in the primary mission he will face troops with less training and less morale.

Example No4


By neutralizing these installations additional AIR strikes may be available to the primary mission.

Example No5

Radio installations

By neutralizing these installations the hostile artillery and hostile reinforcements/patrol during the primary mission will delay to enter the map, due to bad com.

Primary missions:

Search Village Operation

Bunker assault

Enemy base assault

Enemy ammo depot assault

Ambush enemy convoy

Defend Firebase

Defend village

Defend Base of operations

Secondary mission:

Search & Destroy hostile ammo cache

Search & Destroy hostile artillery park

Search & Destroy hostile local HQ

Bonus mission:


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