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Default 1st Cav, 1969-71 Operations

4 Feb.-19 Apr. Op.Cheyenne Sabre, 3d Bde, 1st Cav search and destroy operation northeast of Bien Hoa to straddle and cut enemy infiltration routes.
14 Feb.-28 Mar. Op. Navajo Warhorse II, 1/5, 2/5, 2/8 (1st Cav) clear and search in Tay Ninh, Hau Nghia and Kien Tuong provinces
16 Feb.-31 Oct. Op.Toan Thang III, 1/8, 5/7, 2/12 (1st Cav); 1st Inf; 25th Inf; 3d Bde, 9th Inf Saigon security operations in III CTZ
8 Mar. Battle of LZ Grant, 1/12 Cav defends the LZ located 17 miles NE of Tay Ninh city
18 Mar.-2 Apr. Op.Atlas Wedge: 3d Bde, 1st Inf; 11th ACR; 25th Inf; 1/5 (1st Cav) clear and search in Michelin plantation
29 Mar.-23 Jun. Op.Montana Scout, 2/5, 2/8, 2/12 (1st Cav) operation along the southern frontier of War Zone C in Tay Ninh province
12 Apr.-14 May Op.Montana Raider I/II/III, 1/8, 1/9, 2/7 (1st Cav) and 11th ACR from Dau Tieng to Quan Loi on a series of coordinated search operations designed to destroy the NVA support and supply facilities along Route 13.
12 Aug. 3d Bde base at Quan Loi attacked by NVA Rgt 88 and VC Rgts 271 and 272 (Op.Toan Thang III)
12 Aug. 2/8 Cav defends LZ Becky from an attack by NVA Rgt 18 20 miles W of An Loc (Op.Toan Thang III)
1 Nov.69-May 70. Op.Toan Thang IV, 1st Cav; 1st Inf; 25th Inf; 3d Bde, 9th Inf; 5th, 18th, 25th ARVN Divisions Saigon security operations in III CTZ
4 Nov. Battle of LZ Ike, 2/5 Cav battle vs 2/271 VC (Op.Toan Thang IV)
7-9 Nov. Op. Long Reach 1st Cav, 11th ACR relief operation along Highway 14 toward Bo Duc and Bu Dop

5-8 Jan. Op.Flying Finn, 2/5 Cav destruction of 2nd Bn, 95C Rgt in Tay Ninh
26 Jan.-13 Apr. 2/8, 2/12, 5/7 (1st Cav) and ARVN Airborne conduct and extended search and destroy campign near Bu Gia Map , Phuoc Long province against NVA Rgt 174 (part of Op.Toan Thang IV)
4 Feb. 1st Cav's FSB Tina in Tay Ninh province is assaulted (part of Op.Toan Thang IV)
8 Mar. C/2/8 Cav battles for FSB Carolyn (part of Op.Toan Thang IV)
29 Mar. Battle of FSB Jay (part of Op.Toan Thang IV) 2/7 Cav vs 3/95 NVA
1 Apr. Battle for SFB Illingworth (part of Op.Toan Thang IV) 2/8 Cav, A/1/11 ACR assaulted 25 miles NW of Tay Ninh
15-16 Apr. 1st Cav's FSB Atkinson in Tay Ninh province is assaulted (part of Op.Toan Thang IV)
1 May-29 Jun. Op.Dong Tien II/Thoang Thang 43, 1st Cav; 11th ACR; 1st Bde, 1st Inf and 5th ARVN, ARVN Airborne in the Fish Hook, Cambodia
6 May-27 Jun. Op.Thoang Thang 45, 1st Cav, 5/12 (199th LIB) NW of Bu Dop, Cambodia

27 Sep.-2 Oct. Op.Katum, 3d Bde, 1st Cav, 2/11th ACR withdrawal of personnel from FSB Katum, Tay Ninh
St�phane Moutin-Luyat
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