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Default combined MG/Mortar Platoons.

I have noticed that several battalion support companies have the 81mm Mortars and MGs in the same platoons. Now Im sure there will be people that disagree but these weapons would normally be employed in rather different positions ie the MG somewhere with a good field of fire and the Mortars in dead ground. Putting them in the same platoons makes this rather difficult to do because of command and control constraints. It probably also hampers the AI when it is building a defensive position. Would there be any chance of putting the Mortars in there own platoons and the MG in their own platoons in the support Coy? An example of this is the German "inf Btl sw Kp". This is one of the changes that happened between DOS v6 and v7 of the game. In v6 the mortars and MGs in the German Batalion support coys have there own platoons.
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