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Default Re: combined MG/Mortar Platoons.

PatG said:
What I do is buy the core, delete the combined platoon then re-purchase the mortar and MG groups separately.
That's indeed one solution and one which I use myself too. Sometimes however the heavy weapons are part of the HQ platoon of a company, as that was how these weapons were often distributed and commanded in ww2. In that case another solution is to attach the separate units you wish to remove from the platoon to another formation while deploying. You can buy for example a single 81mm mortar unit, then buy 2 infantry companies that have an 81mm mortar unit as part of the HQ platoon and attach these to the single 81mm unit. You now have a separate 3 mortar unit platoon.
Do remember though that the highest 'numbered' unit becomes the HQ unit for that formation so it's best to reattach 'upwards' on the force list (keeping existing HQ units), not downwards. So buy the single mortar first, and then the companies for example.

Then there's the historical solution; often this simply was the way the units were organised and controlled, either in combined heavy weapons platoons or as part of a cie HQ platoon. It might not be the best way for playing the GAME, but that's the way it was, including the C&C problems, and it offers its own challenges for players to overcome.

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