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Default Re: Reviews and Post-Relase Press

Inside Mac Games gives Dominions 3 a score of 8.25:

Gameplay - 9
Sound - 8
Graphics -7
Value - 9

Remi Stebenne writes:

With over 600 spells to cast, 1500 units to command and over 300 magical items to use as you see fit, you will never play the same game twice. I keep saying Iíll stop, but hours later Iím still trying to squeeze another turn in...

With a random map generator and all those nations to play as, this game can last you a very long time. Add to that the various multiplayer modes and you are set for life...If you like deep strategy, then this game is definitely for you. It might overwhelm first-time players, but if you can get past that first step, you wonít be able to put it down.
Read the full review HERE.
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