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Default Re: Mod: Spell Descriptions \"Mod\"

HoneyBadger said:
Endoperez, that's why I mentioned that it would be nice, more work but nice, if DireAussie keeps this mod updated, because things like you mentioned are going to crop up until the game becomes more stable through patches/mods.
... The things I mentioned have been in Dom3 from the beginning. Including Decay and Burden of Time aging creatures. The manual describes what those spells do. There's no need to "keep this mod updated", just to "update it to Dom3", AFAIK. Mods might change spells, but if a modder wants to change spells, it's his job to update the spell descriptions. I don't remember any spell that has been changed as of yet. Crash-bugs have been fixed (Fata Morgana, Horror Seed), and some missing descriptions have been added (Mummification from Amon Hotep)... But the effects of the spells haven't been changed at all AFAIK.
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