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Default Re: crash while trying to add a ship mod

Sole33 said:
On a side note, slot modder (or at least the version i have, maybe its an early version) appears to categorize armor wrong, so you have to go into the text and change 'Slot ## Ship Section: Hull' and replace Hull with Armor, otherwise when you stack armor in those slots it doesn't give you the armor points it seems.
There is a dropdown list for choosing the slot type, and this will change the colour of it in the slotmodder.

The slot type is quite different from the slot name, however, and you need to take care of which one you're changing.

If you have armor in non-armor slots, you'll get a very nice directional armor effect.

In P&Nism Episode 2, you have the option of starting with a fancy fighter that uses armor of this type.
There are a ring of about 25 slots encircling the guts of the fighter, and you can fit armor in those.
They are not armor, but they are on the outside, so they're usually hit first.

You can get small holes poked in that armor, not just 90-degrees wide at a time.
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