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Default Re: Stargate SGC Conflicts In Space Star Fury Mod is now available for download

The mission to attack Baal in the P3R-636 system is supposed to time out. I have it set at 9 days. It's a decoy mission the real Goa'uld attack with Baal is at Hebridan.

text reads-

"Navagations officer- sir, I detect only 1 Besarian Dreadnought in the system. I cannot locate any other enemy ships. Strange. Maybe our long-range scanners are offline?

SGC Subspace Message
This is General Hammond go to the Hebridan system immediately. I repeat go to the Hebridan system immediately. We have been fed bad intel by the Goa'uld and Besarians.

SGC Subspace Message
Our reports show the Goa'uld and Besarains are in the Hebridan System now. It seems the Beta Site might be their actual target. Go to th Hebridan system and destroy them before they get to the Beta Site. I will inform Colonel Caldwell (SGC Fleets), Tok'ra and Aschen fleets of the situation. Hammond out."

Remember as I mentioned in an earlier post some of the mission (jobs) are supposed to time out. They are used for loading certain ships and/or activating triggers. Only worry about completing the combat missions that are important and are marked with (Failure is not an option-Repeat if Failed) or may say it another way but it will say to repeat if failed. etc. The combat missions that say (Continue on even if says fail) or don't say you must complete are just to load ships and/or for triggers.

The mission to Extract Evacuees Beta Site requires you to go as fast as you can and you will probably have to use some repair components if you can't dodge enough enemy fire. That's how I completed it.

Just to let know know how I play the mod...I almost always have engines at 100% during combat so I can move in and out of harms way. Actually I can evade a lot of enemy fire that way and outrun slower ships. Also pick your battles and let your allies help weaken a stronger enemy first then you can swoop in and finish them off. Long range attacks and fighters work well too on some targets. Dont try and square-off and duke it out without moving. It just doesn't work that way. I've experimented with that before. Also you need to keep some of the SGC Missile weps since they really pack a nice punch and have a great range. Also keep all the Rail-Guns since they auto-fire and have an attack agianst: Ship, Base, Fighter, Satellite, Torpedo, Directed they in essence they function as both a a point-defense cannon and a regular weapon. Keep you Hyperdrive Engines as well. I just run circles around some of the could be your system. I don't know though...just remember to fly at 100% engines.

You know on the players ships, I basically eliminated the need for Cargo Holds and Point Defense Cannons since I increased the player ships Base Cargo Hold Tonnage in the ship text and the rail gun weps functioning as PDC's. This saves a half-dozen or more slots. This helps you use the ships slots for other things. Also remember you have a Frigate or Light Cruiser in the early battles to start with, so it's not as if you have a super dreadnought with 120 slots to fill. But I do like your comment on adding crew text towards the interior of the ship. I could easily do this with a little time. I would just have to be careful to change the required files corectly and test so as not to add a problem to the ships.

Keep me posted on your adventure.
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