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Default Can I upgrade origional to deluxe/ is there an official manual?


I am new to the forums, just signed up, and i have a question about SEIV releases and patch versions.

I am trying to get the game for free if possible (sorry), but the newb over at goozex who has a SEIV gold version, doesnt seem to want to leg go of it just yet. I alo noticed there was a SEIV origional version ready for trading but would not come with the manual, and there are no delux versions to be herd of... so far.

I have gold and delux requested, but would like to know if the origional is fully patchable to Gold, and Delux (1.95)
And weather the manual is important or not (tend to have some dynamics listed that i dont pick up on from experience alone IE: shortcuts etc.)

So can I fully upgrade origional nongold nondelux to delux,
and is the manual a good reference/ is there one?

Oh and if you want to pick up a free game:

Just do it soon so they give me a free one aswell :P
Great site for trading your old games for new old games... or new ones if someone is willing to part with one. Also saw a utility to track where your games have been. (someone got their own game back after 5 trades XD)

-- Ages
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