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Default Re: Rise of the Remorhaz Society



The Rage, thankfully, did not press their attack. It certainly wasn’t because of our overwhelming naval strength, thought Governor Kalashnikov. He hoped the Navy was serious about holding this system, because it looked to him as if the Rage could take it anytime they damn well pleased. RSS Falcon arrived in system to assist Hawk.

At the Glory shipyards, a new ship was launched. The RSS Comet was the first of the Comet Class Attack Ships. Armed with nothing but planetary napalm bombs, she was well suited to surface attack duties. Grand Admiral Urian hoped that if the Norak saw a demonstration of what the Comet Class Attack Ships could do to a colony, they would surrender, or at least sue for peace. She set out for the Lapzooli system immediately.

With the immediate threat of the Rage averted, Gamma Fleet once again laid course for Lapzooli.


Nemesis joined up with Hyperion and Furious in Delta fleet. Captain Jager was in command of the fleet until Commodore Lu was in system. The three captains discussed their options, and decided to make a raid on Lapzooli II, the homeworld of the Norak. She had constructed two defense Space Stations, and these defenses needed to be softened up before a large attack could be mounted. Also, the fleet would be able to gather intel on any other defenses the planet had. Delta Fleet left the wormhole behind, and began the month long trip to the homeworld of the Norak.

The Grand Admiral of the Remorhaz Navy stood on the platform of the Remorhaz Space Yard. Before him, lit up brilliantly in her berth, was RSS Glory, the first of the Glory Class Destroyers. She was a hybrid design, and a bit of a departure from the previous ship designs. She mounted three capital missile tubes, and two DUCs. Command was given to Captain Peter Winters, an officer fresh from a tour on the General Staff of the Navy. He was an excellent leader, and a good tactician. Glory was to proceed to Xillantha and join up with Manticore, Eagle, and Hawk On board Glory was Rear Admiral Shiro Sakazawa, who was to organize the fleet in Xillantha into an effective fighting force. This fleet would harass the Rage while holding the system. If an opportunity presented itself, Sakazawa had authority to authorize and action he deemed appropriate.


Delta Fleet entered the system of Lapzooli II. Captain Jager was very nervous. She was leading the fleet into battle against the capitol of another empire. Resistance was expected to be fierce. Quickly she had her Sensor Officer do a sensor scan of the system. She didn’t want to run into anything unexpected, and if the Norak were going to spring a trap, now would be the time.
“Captain, uhhh, I’m not sure if I really believe what I’m seeing, but it seems that neither the planet nor the Defense Space Stations around the her are armed.”
Gina nearly choked on her coffee. “What? XO, can you confirm?”
Commander Svenson quickly moved to the sensor screen. “I confirm that Captain. Not one defensive weapon. We are clear for approach. We do confirm that the planet is inhabited by 2.4 billion Norakians.”
Her mission was clear. She was to probe the enemy defenses and do as much damage as possible while ensuring the safety of her ships.
“Right then. We attack the planet with nuclear missiles. God damn this war.”
Gina punched up her com link to both Hyperion and Furious.
The faces of Captain Reed and Captain Jennings appeared instantly.
“Well my friends, it looks like they left their homeworld undefended. We will move in and fire nuclear missile salvos for effect. Be ready for anything…I just can’t believe that they would leave Lapzooli II open like this.”
Captain Reed spoke. “I saw that too, Gina. We’ll be ready. We need to take advantage of this. If it’s a mistake, they won’t make it again, so we need to make this count.”
Captain Jennings nodded. “I concur, Walt, but we need to let Remorhaz know about this situation. Maybe just having us here in orbit will bring them to the table.”
Gina shook her head. “There’s no time. We attack, and if Remorhaz wants us to pull back, then we’ll do it, but we can’t let this chance go. I don’t like it any more than either of you, but it’s what we get paid for. Keep your heads up and be careful.”
Both captains cleared the channel, intent on commanding their ships.
“Helm, make full speed for Lapzooli II. Weps, load up the missile tubes and begin targeting the facilities on the surface. Let’s take out their Space Yard first.”
The orders were acknowledged. Gina kept a close eye on the tactical display.
In the end, there were no tricks. Delta Fleet nuked Lapzooli II, defenseless, and killed 255 million people. Both Space Stations were destroyed also. Now the homeworld of the Norak was blockaded. Would they come to the table now?

Gamma Fleet hunted down and killed a lone Norakian colony ship, and destroyed her. RSS Comet made it to the Lapzooli system, and moved to join Delta Fleet in the blockade of the Norakian homeworld.
Glory launched RSS Cyllene, the first fleet supply ship in the Remorhaz navy. She immediately headed for Lapzooli to extend the staying power of the fleet in system.

The Research Guild, in cooperation with the Space Marine Corps, felt that they were making progress on the trans-atmospheric craft, but that an actual prototype was probably about three months away.


Gamma Fleet began an attack on Lapzooli II. After the bombardment, the Norak had been able to launch a new destroyer, the Amaro Class. She was armed with class three capital ship missiles, three point defense cannon, and two shield generators. It would be a tough ship to take down, but Commodore Lu wanted to concentrate on nuking the planet. That would draw the enemy ship into the fight, maybe cause him to make a mistake. A mistake might give them a chance at defeating the Amaro. Both sides maneuvered and fired, but the Remorhaz fleet had the advantage in that they had a large planet to hit, while the Amaro had to drive them off. He was not completely successful, and around 200 million Norakian colonists were killed. No spacecraft were damaged in the battle.

In the Fezzran system, Manticore and Hawk jumped in system. Their scanners immediately picked up a Rage colony on Fezzran IV. This was a colony Nemesis had destroyed in the opening days of the war. Next, they noticed eleven Rage ships, mostly frigates but also a few destroyers. The task force immediately headed back thru the wormhole and made full speed for Fort Justice. This was definitely going to be a holding action for a while.

Remorhaz launched the first fleet repair ship, RSS Icelus. She was sent to Glory for forward basing.


Gamma Fleet, blockading Lapzooli II, was bolstered by the appearance of RSS Comet, a Comet Class Attack Ship. Her captain, Commander David Trinner, maneuvered his ship as close to the planet as possible. While Intimidator and Artemis lobbed nuclear missile salvos at the surface, Comet unleashed a hellish attack of fiery napalm against the installations on the surface of the Norak homeworld. The galaxy had not seen destruction like that done by the planetary napalm. Trinner tried to target military targets initially, but once those were destroyed by the awesome power of the bombs, he was forced to switch to civilian installations. Norakians died by the millions. In a second attack, the homeworld of the Norakians was destroyed. All of their cities were destroyed, afire, or just smoldering craters from nuclear attacks. Their leaders were killed along with everyone else on their home planet. Surely the remaining planets would surrender faced with this genocide. Wouldn’t they?

In Xillantha, a fleet of eight Rage ships perused Manticore and Hawk into the system. Both fleets raced for Fort Justice. Glory had made the transit, and Governor Kalashkniov had his colonists build more defense satellites. If the Rage came to Fort Justice, they would have a fight on their hands.

To be continued...
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