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Default Re: Incredible victories of Japan ?

Hello to all. New to forum, but not gaming. Couple of quick points. Love the concept of this game-tired of playing big ones all the time (War Plan Orange, etc) so much upgraded to new computer to play it. Also, I don't claim to be best gamer in the world, but I do win more often than not. That being said, I am frustrated. I have beat Japan ONCE out of about 15 games. Japan wins by 'surviving to Nov 44, Jan 45, Feb 45, etc'. As an example, in one game I had been boming them with B-29's since Mar 44, they had no CV's or CVL's, 1 BB, 3 damaged CA's and 1 CL. I had possion of Marshalls, Tarawa, Truk, Leyte, Luzon, Singapore, Java, Borneo, Iwo, Okanaowa, and all bases east of same and had lost only 4 carriers, 4 BB's, and about 7 CA/CL's. Feb 45 turn, screen pops up 'Japan Win, survived until Feb 45'. Whats up with that? I know there's a random 'Japan win possiable' generated every turn from 44 on, but shouldn't it be adjusted for overwelming allied force/position? Yes, they had an oil stockpile, but NOTHING to give oil too. Can someone please advise? Thanks in advanced. (please excuse the spelling)
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