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Default Re: PBW New Skywalker Game

OK, Skywalker V 1.3 is now ready... I tried to get into - dead! At 32MB, I can't upload it here. Planet pack 14 is available finally I believe, and I have the component pack update ready, except for an error on one pic, that I am waiting on someone to sort out. Componets up to 3384! It's nearly midnight here, I'll try again shortly.....

This version as updated 'basic components' as well as even more nebulaes, more ancient tech, a more modern CSM that can be researched after CSM, 'Epsilon' missile, troops up to 90 kt, a Mash unit for troops, more new planets, Worldships over 6,000 kt plus an 'armed transport' hull with built in boarding unit.
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