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Default Re: StarBlazers Mod

Great! You are a genius! Two Star Blazers Mods and six Multiverse and all the problem was a simple "Unassigned" or " -- default --" swap?!
I just tried on the Klingon Battlecruiser and it works! ....I am so unworthy... I must now climb a hill and do a full year meditating on how limited my... ah forget it.
Anyway, thanks!

By the way do you ever rest?

On my part I am still slowly working on Multiverse 6. I have done it twice, discarded and restarted again from scratch, since I did not like how my previous attempts were turning out. But now I am finally on the right path. Some single missions have taken me a month to make the battle plan and play and replay until I am happy. So I’m at 50% still a few months away.
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