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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Tikuin, USSR

I'm pondering your comments. One concern is the snow. With differing sized flanking column, I stand a chance of a major strength mismatch on one flank without the ability to shift tanks quickly. There is merit in the idea of having the AI drop artillery on their own units. I could skinny one side up, but leave it large enough to make a stand if necessary. One flank could go with 22 tanks and the other one with 42 tanks on the other. If I go with this option, I would have the larger group up north. The trees there are capable of screening a larger force than those down south.

My envelopments will be more flank attacks than true envelopments where the intent is more to cut off the spearhead. I probably wouldn't push out as far as displayed in the plan. How far they move out would be dependent on the AI movements. I want to move out far enough before turning toward the center to catch a large number of enemy tanks by the flank without exposing my flank to similar attacks along the edges.
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