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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Tikuin, USSR

Turn 5

Enemy hit hard up north. Scratch an additional three armored cars and 28 tanks. Throw in two half-tracks for good measure. There is infantry scurrying about the tank battle. Most seem in good order, but I'm sure they have taken casualties. I can't even make an estimate on infantry casualties at this point. My mortars did hit some more and I did see one infantry unit was completely destroyed, but that is the only confirmation I have. The enemy did drop more smoke and directed some light artillery and mortars at my tanks but no damage.

Pressure down south is minimal. Only tank riders trying to push forward, but 22 tanks with nothing better than to shot at infantry makes progress impossible. My mortars are off target here.

Two Stukas made bombing runs, but they won't be back. They won't make it to the airbase, either No known damage from the attacks.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 10xPzKw 38b(t), 13xPzKw IIIh, 2xPzKw IVc, 1xPzKw IIc, 2xPzKw IIf tanks, 1xSdKfz 222, 1xSdKfz 231(8) and 1xSdKfz 221 armored cars, 2xhalf-tracks and 2xJU-87B dive bombers destroyed.

I'm done for the night, but am attaching screen prints of action on both flanks. In the south flank picture, the burning hext at the end of my line of T-34s is where one of the Stukas went down.
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