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Default Re: DAR: USSR vs. Germany - Tikuin, USSR

Turn 28

Both companies of the south group scored. The northern most company destroyed two 81mm mortars and the other got a 100mm mortar. This is helping the infantry line since they start dropping mortar rounds instead of artillery.

Without any indirect fire coming in on the infantry line, the enemy took more of a beating than usual. Two of their squads were completely destroyed. Many of the others have been pushed back. My tanks can see and are firing again, helping push the enemy back.

Counter battery fire has stopped. Instead, heavy artillery is hitting the extreme flank of the infantry line near the scouts again. One of my tanks was immobilized. I better pull the rest out of the impact zone.


Friendly: Zero.

Enemy: 1x100mm Mortar and 2x81mm Mortars destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.
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