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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 10

Well, the bombers came in. No damage to the enemy tanks. They just buttoned up. I lost a few men as one bomber went a little too long. I'm going to have to deal with the Matildas the hard way. At least they are slow and maybe I will get the whole force to break because aside from the Matildas, I'm kicking the daylight out of the rest of the enemy force. This will be a messy fight, but my guys are hanging in there. Enemy infantry is doing some shooting, but the platoon plus in the sector is fragmented. They did manage to take out one of my light mortars, but with a max range of 600m, they have to be close to the line. Alpha is hanging in there.

Another enemy A10 in Bravo's sector was destroyed. There is one left and it has been been damaged. It is scooting off to the Bravo-Charlie boundary with three Matilda Is. One more Matilda I is still in the sector moving forward. There doesn't seem to be any infantry right now.

Charlie now has two platoons to their front. I have no tanks to help, but my machine guns should have a field day.

Most of enemy infantry in front of Delta have been turned. Between fire from tanks and machine guns, many enemy are down with their squads running. The bad guys took a beating here.

One enemy squad trying to move around north flank of engineers. I suspect it is an enemy squad from an earlier attack that has recovered some. The British seem to rally pretty quickly.

Along Foxtrot's southern front, ATGs destroyed two A13s, while infantry destroyed a Bren carrier by assault. Not much for enemy infantry around. Only two squads visible. I've got a major fire power edge here. I did take some casualties from the remaining A13 and Vickers tank, mainly because I can't get LOS on them from any of my tanks or ATGs. Mortar rounds continue to fall on enemy forces. There are a couple of Bren carriers I'm trying to get.


Friendly: 1x45mm Brixia mortar destroyed. Estimated 15 casualties.

Enemy: 2xA13 tanks, 1xA10 tanks and 1xBren Carrier destroyed. Estimated 25 casualties.
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