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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Hmm - I must remember to change the AI buy routines to not buy Matilda 1 in North Africa in the first months of the war.
No Matilda Is would be fine as long as they don't get replaced with Matilda IIs

Also - you bought level bombers - Why??. Level bombers are for a pre-plotted fire-blow (and are really only for scenario use - e.g. the opening carpet bombings in some Normandy scenarios). If you don't pre-plot them before the battle, then they have about a 12 turn delay for impromptu calls. They do not target anything specifically either (unlike strike planes) - but simply go to an X,Y (with deviation) and offload the bombs and then leave.

I picked up the level bombers because I thought they would be perfect for hitting the east-west passes through the wadis. My three registration points are in passes and the turn delay is only 1 if used then. The problem was I opted for number of bombs instead of size of bombs, so they were ineffective. As it is, I normally don't use aircraft other than spotters anyhow. Too many experiences with blue on blue attacks in the past, but I might be thinking about SPWaW. I haven't played that for years, but it sometimes is difficult to remember which nuances belong to which game model. Anyhow, I knew I would need something to deal with the Matilda IIs and level bombers were what I selected.

The major problem, which has nothing to do with the game design or anything, is Italian equipment is bad across the board. Infantry and artillery is fine and on par with that of other countries of the time. When you look at tanks, ATGs and aircraft, the Italians were well equipped to fight WWI again. Maybe this is no different than any other country at the time with the exception of Germany, but with the Italians it doesn't get better over time. Two years after this battle, the Italians are still relying on that lame 47mm gun for tanks and ATGs in home grown equipment. Once this battle is over, I'm going to have a vexing problem on how to re-equip my force and stay reasonably realistic


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