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Default Re: DAR: Italy vs. GB - North Africa 6/40

Turn 28

Alpha is slowly regrouping. If the battle lasts long enough, I'll go after that A10 as long as it hangs around.

Tanks in Bravo's sector took out another Matilda I. There are two left. The one from Alpha's sector showed up. It doesn't look like they plan on hanging around. One is routed and the other is retreating. Bravo is going to try to pull enough troops together to get the immobilized Matilda II.

One enemy infantry unit turned up in Charlie's sector, so I moved up my two remaining tanks and raked him with machine gun fire.

Enemy attack in Delta sector down to two tanks, both Matilda Is. Two Matilda Is and the last Matilda II were destroyed. There are still trucks with infantry moving up in penny packets. My units have been too busy dealing with the enemy shooting at them to deal with trucks at the moment. Delta and Echo are moving forward, while Foxtrot is holding in the wadi and salient. I'm plotting a third mortar section in this area, since the enemy is just about done up north.


Friendly: Estimated 5 casualties.

Enemy: 1xMatilda II and 3xMatilda I tanks destroyed. Estimated 10 casualties.
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