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Lock Re: Help with mod please.

First off, I got it working. The game crashed from having too many allies being made available.

Originally Posted by sgqwonkian View Post
The files won't even expand. It brings up an error message saying "The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540)".
-- Weird. I have no clue.

Originally Posted by sgqwonkian View Post
What kinds of changes did you make? What sort of content is in your mod at this point?
-- Well first off, I am just some regular shmoe with no modding experience. Having said that, I am making the scale a lot bigger. I have added about 40 generic ships so far, about 20 unique (were allies until this error) ships. A bunch of planets. Several quests that I always thought about when I was playing other sci-fi games.

I am a terrible artist, so I use a lot of the games resources with little tweaks like hue and what not.

The biggest thing I have done is all statistical. I felt like battle were over a lot quicker than they needed to be, and that some races, like the Tan-ru, weren't as deadly as I think they would actually be. I have tweaked every item/ship in the game in addition to adding all my own. I have big plans for it, but it's really just for my own satisfaction.

Originally Posted by sgqwonkian View Post
I've got a number of debugging solutions written up for various known common problems, at
I came across that site on google a couple days ago and it pointed me in the right direction but it could be a lot more specific. Thank you though.