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Default Re: Help with mod please.

Glad your mod is working again.

There's a hard-coded limit to how many allies you can have in the game. IIRC, if you have more than 5 ships in your fleet, they stop displaying correctly, and just a few ships past that it crashes.

To control how many allies your mod will try to populate the map with, make sure you set "FLAG ally" on all the Quests that generate them.

Then you can tweak how many allies each map size will call up by modifying the numbers in distribution.ini. In the last three blocks of that file there's lines that say "ALLY 2" "ALLY 3" and "ALLY 4". If you alter the numbers that follow the "ALLY" it'll change how many are placed on each map size.

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I've got a number of debugging solutions written up for various known common problems, at
I came across that site on google a couple days ago and it pointed me in the right direction but it could be a lot more specific. Thank you though.
Yeah, it didn't seem like anybody was using that site but me, so I stopped making regular updates. Some of the pages are still rough drafts, and there's a lot of dead links, but there's also some really useful info there. It's a wiki, so if you feel my explanations on that site aren't detailed enough, you could log on and edit them. The password to edit that wiki is "shrapnel and eel".
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