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Default Re: Customer relations - part 2

Originally Posted by spillblood View Post
Man, I can only ask: Are they seriously believing they MISSED complaints and bug reports? They sure did get them, especially Malfador. I think it's a pretty bad move to close of Shrapnel to close down a discussion on this forum. Do something, dammit!
From my understanding the thread has been closed because nothing new was being added to the dialogue, and in fact it was just going in circles. Malfador was made aware of the original complaints stated in the thread, Aaron asked us to create threads for bug reports and feature requests. That was done, and at that point he would monitor them to see if a new patch was warranted. Until something happens with that though there's not a lot else that can be done.

Of course you can always try contacting him directly to check on the status through his website.

Originally Posted by Mike_T
You have pretended that the thread was just about about bugs and fixes, and have now attempted to stifle discussion on the subject of how Shrapnel has treated customers and potential customers in relation to this game. You are responsible for launching a product that doesn't work properly, and now you expect your customers to be responsible for telling you what the problems are! Do you not accept any responsibility yourself? It's your product, not the customers.
Yes, like any software vendor was expect our customers to tell us what their specific issues with the software are because their problem isn't always everyone else's problem.
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