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Default Re: Evil Clowns - Multi Era/Random [In Progress]

I hate to say this, but I think we should call this game for Evil Homer. He has an overwhelming advantage in every game metric (territory, gems, income, etc.) and has already conquered 3/4 of the map.

I was thinking that I had a chance against him since my main armies are still relatively intact, and I'm a stubborn SOB when it comes to these types of games, but I think all I'm doing at this point is prolonging the inevitable and wasting everyone's time in the process. I could prolong the end by many many turns and make Evil Homer pay dearly for coming after me, but it seems futile. If Dominions 4 wasn't here, I'd probably stick it out longer, but I'd rather focus on the new game then spend a few more months playing Dominions 3.

If anyone feels strongly about continuing, then I'll soldier on and continue to play as best as I can. I've added 48-hours to the clock to give everyone a chance to comment.

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