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Default Re: "Enjoy the War."

Thank you very much for your reporting.

Concerning the difference between tayloring a battlegroup from historical available force if you want tp play the role of a "real" unit" and the force you would like to have, I prefer the historical approach. To deal with the limitations is for me much more fun than having always the best equipment.

Nevertheless, you can explain additions by building up a battle group with some units drawn from army or corps (in SS case), if needed. So, the army your battle group is attached to, will have units needed by you ;-) and beef you up!

And I love it to have a story combining the battles.

I myself recently started a campaign in June 1941 with a German infantry bataillon and an AAR (in German). If things go well I will try to augment the force with StuGs oder Panzerjäger. At the moment I have only an AT company whith czech Guns. But that is for me the real fun ... try to survive and be able to change to 76,2mm-"prey-guns ... or have to deal with T34 in the winter with other items (what most of the German infantry had to do in 41 and 42).
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