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Default Re: "Enjoy the War."

You could manipulate the generated scenario and increase the units for the Russians.

I do that very often to get a force that makes sense in my story telling, change the ranks of my soliers - even in 1941 captains were on a regular basis bataillon commanders etc in the Wehrmacht - and to make it more difficult for me. Especially in a German-Russian campaign it makes sense to do that.

You may know what is coming but you can do that after using your support points ...

Once I tried to simulate a "Bagration"-battle by having a 8:1 point ratio and having the AI making a rivercrossing. My force was destoyed but it was really extremly competitive and gaves you the feeling facing a behemoth. At least, the result was very historic

I you like, I could also try to set up your enemy ....
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