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Default Re: "Enjoy the War."

I see.

I do not like the time pressure and, therefore, increase instead the number of enemies. To limit the replacements to a historical amount is also a good way to make it more challenging. At the moment I have fully replaced all losses which were marginal.

In my current "infantry"-campaign I had up to now to meeting engagements in which I was saved by a StuG-batteryI bought with my support points. In both battles the AI had 40 (light)tanks.In the first battle, I had the luck that the AI moved through woods and was ambushed by the infantry, in the second one the StuGs and my Pak did the work.

Up to now I have not augmented the enemy force and will remain cautious with this because the number of tanks was a nasty surprise. I write an AAR in German about it on I assume that you will not understand the text but there are some screenshots of the 2 battles.

The third one will be an advance-mission with sight of 2 hexes, i. e. a night attack.
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