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Default Re: "Enjoy the War."

So I have a chronic habit of restarting this time I cooked up a new OOB that's probably a little bit less insane than what I had before.

1x Battalion HQ

2x SS Panzergreandiere Kompanie starting with Horch Kfz. 70 Trucks
*1x Kompanie HQ
*3x SS PzG Zug (4 Rifle squads with 1 AT rifle)
*1x SS MG Zug (4 MG08 HMG)
*1x SS Pioniere Zug (4 squads)
*1x SS GrW Batterie (4 8cm tubes)
*1x SS Spaher Zug (3 squads of 6 men with Kfz 15 trucks)

2x SS Panzerkompanie
*I Kompanie with 12 PzKw 38(t) Ausf. A and 5 PzKw II Ausf. B
*II Kompanie with 12 PzKw 35(t) Ausf. A and 5 PzKw II Ausf. B

1x SS Artillerie Abteilung
*1 SS Observer
*3x 4 gun 10.5cm gun batterie

1x SS Korp level artillery
*3x 15cm batterie
*1x 21cm Batterie

1x SS Panzerspaeh kompanie
*6x SdKfz 231 8 Rad
*13x SdKfz 222 4 Rad

So this gives me integral artillery, infantry, engineering assets, armor and tons of recon. I also have a Kradschutzen company tagging along that I'll drop for an under-strength Tiger company later in 1943. Overall this is more of a "Kampfgruppe" than an on paper infantry battalion. Its very flexible and probably heavy on the artillery, but considering how much arty I have to receive from the Allies and Soviets I stopped feeling bad about that really quick. Its often essential for breaking massed infantry attacks.
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