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Default Re: Modder's Toolkit?

Originally Posted by anlubue View Post
I am playing Steel Panthers since release, got countless hours of fun with SPMBT and SPWW2 since Version 1. Matrix version was quite fun too. (i liked the way commando troops enter the battlefield.) But personally i do not give a dime about active modding communitys for SPMBT or SPWW2, they are gone in 9 month eventually, leaving us with some Tigers in yellow stripes. I hope this don't offends, sorry for my miserable english. Maybe i did not understand well enough. To be honest i would also bee happy to have air units in my core campaign again. I'm missing these, but in my opinion a CD extended feature in "preferences screen" or game.ini would be better than a Hex-workaround of a modding group. I got a much better thing than active modders, i got a Developer who gave me permanent updates and good features. No Sir, i dont need no modded content, no 300 extra sound files or troop colors either.
You are quite right it IS wonderful to have such dedicated and active developers - something we are ALL grateful for!

However, I think you misunderstand how committed some of the modders are. Some spend years carefully crafting full mods (ie Das Reich, Vietnam, ACW, 2020, etc), for others its an icon here or there, a small Quality-of-life change (ie small id flags, VP roundels, sounds, etc). No one is trying to re-imagine the game - just add a few OPTIONAL garnishes or ALTERNATE takes to ENHANCE your gaming experience.

The point of this thread is NOT to "take control" or "force changes" to the game but to allow a small corner of the garden in which we can plant our own seeds - for the enjoyment of ourselves and (we hope) others.

If you don't like a mod don't use it! No one is asking that you use anything - we just try and add to the experience.

Two of the reasons for this great game's longevity are its fantastic dedicated developers (who, by the way, started this as a mod...) and the ability of all users to tweak and change stuff to their personal preferences (The game ships with a .shp file editor, scenario, campaign and OoB editors after all)!

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