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Default Re: FJ-1 Fury Icon set 1.0

Originally Posted by MarkSheppard View Post
Originally Posted by oragus View Post
The first United States Navy jet fighter.
That honor belongs to the McDonnell FH/FD Phantom, for purpose built.

The FJ-1 was part of the "next generation" of jet aircraft that the USN ordered in 1945 to replace the FH/FD Phantom, which consisted of:

F2H Banshee -- a "enlarged" super Phantom -- the easy decision.

F6U Pirate -- a lightweight jet fighter for CVEs.

F6U Cutlass -- an "advanced" semi-tailless fighter.

FJ Fury -- a more conventional fighter design.

BTW, if you overlay a drawing of the P-51 Mustang and the FJ-1 Fury, you see some very close similarities.
I would have thought the McDonnell FH/FD Phantom looked more like a P-51; at least the silhouette does, to me.
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