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Default Re: Ts4EVER scenarios

A new scenario pack! I actually bought the full version of the game now and used the venhola heightmap generator for the first time, so expect better and more accurate maps. All the scenarios are pretty big and complex.


US Army

Date: 6th of January, 1945
Location: Wingen-sur-Moder, France

The deepest penetration during Operation Nordwind was achieved by a Kampfgruppe of the 6th SS Gebirgsjaeger Division "Nord". Infiltrating through the wooded hills they overwhelmed the HQ of the 1/179th Infantry in a surprise attack. They took up defensive positions in the small Alsatian town.

Now the 45th Infantry Division, supported by tanks from the 781st Tank Battalion, tries to push them out of their position. Earlier attempts have all failed due to fanatic enemy resistance, but the enemy force is slowly melting away.

The German force consists of several companies of SS mountaineers. They were unable to move their heavy weapons across the mountains, so they are not supported by antitank guns, artillery or tanks.

Historical Scenario, designed to be played as the Americans.
Highlanders at Gerbini

Great Britain

Date: 20th to 21st of July, 1943*
Location: Gerbini Crossroads, Sicily*

A few days ago the 51st Highland Division managed to establish a bridgehead across the Dittaino river. The next objective is the airfield near Gerbini. A night attack by the 7th Argyll and Sutherland highlanders, supported by Sherman tanks and 2 companies of the 1st Blackwatch Highlanders, will seize the crossroads and trainstation close to the airfield.

The start line is a German antitank ditch. Artillery and tank support is available.

The enemy main line of resistance runs in front of the farm complex near Gerbini crossroads. We are facing the Hermann Goering Panzer Division, so expect mechanised infantry, supported by tanks. They are dug in and have laid mines. Use the cover of darkness to close the distance with the enemy positions.

Historical Scenario, designed to be played as the British.
Counter Attack at Dawn

Great Britain

Date: 21st of July, 1943
Location: Gerbini Crossroads, Sicily

Having seized the crossroads and station at Gerbini during the night, the 51st Highland division faces ferocious German counter attacks in the morning.

While the objectives are in British hands, the area is far from secure, with German tanks roaming the orchards and sniper as well as MG fire landing among the allied positions. It is clear that a counter attack is brewing.

Contact with A and C companies at the trainstation has been lost and they are feared captured. Anti tank guns need to be moved up and brought into position before the Panzers of the Hermann Goering Division start their assault.

Historical Scenario, designed to be played as the British.
Into the valley of death

Soviet Union

Date: 25th of October, 1944
Location: Dukla Pass, Polish-Slovakian Border

Russian troops have gained access to the Dukla Pass. If they manage to break into open country to the south, Slovakia will be open to their advance.

Remnants of the 357. Infanterie-Division have established a hasty blocking position just outside the passes. They have to keep the overwhelming Soviet forces bottled up until help from the 1. Panzerdivision can arrive. Due to the heavy fighting here, the area aroundthe village of Dobroslava will soon be known as the "valley of death".

Soviet forces include infantry and large numbers of tanks and tank destroyers. They have artillery and air support. Your task is to pin them down in front of the infantry positions and then destroy them with artillery and tanks. Once the situation develops in our favor, counter attack into the pass to gain advantageous positions for future battles.

Semi-Historical Scenario, designed to be played as the Germans.
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