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Default Fiery Cross Island

Fiery Cross - South China Sea
Date: April 1, 2019

The International Court finally decided Fiery Cross Reef (now Island thanks to China) belongs jointly to both China and the the Phillipines. The island is to be demilitarized and each nation is to receive half of any and all revenues generated from fishing, oil, and anything else within it's waters.
Jubulant, the Phillipine government dispatched a team to the island to assert it's claim. Unfortunately they were met not with diplomats but with gunfire. China has refused to comply with the Internation Court ruling.
As an ally of the Phillipines the U.S.A. sent demands to China to immediately remove all weapons (which according to China were't there in the first place) from the Island. The deadline expired at midnight March 31st.


Think of this as a beta test.

Amphibious operations are VERY hard to balance game wise.
Too many ATGMs and it's over before you hit the beach, and rarely will the attacking force be inadequate to the task so it's kind of an assured victory. The real question is what losses do you take in the process?

So ... questions ...
Scenario to long/short?
Chinese forces a challenge or is it a cakewalk?
Anything not included in the scenario you would have expected?
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