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Default 4CMBG: The Dirty Patricia's

I've been off the forum for awhile but I've still been trying to produce scenarios in the available time I have. The following is a NATO/Warsaw PACT scenario based upon the hypothetical involvement of the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in the FRG (1985). I have 4 scenarios in the set but this is the first sequentially and the only one I've tweaked enough to post. I also have a prequel scenario involving German Heer forces but that's a long way in development.

This is a meeting engagement between recce elements, reinforced on both sides as the game progresses (see the scenario text). The Canadian object is to block a Czech probe which would flank the main Canadian positions north of the map. The scenario is designed to be played as the Canadians, and some of the Czech forces have pre-planned movement.

Pay attention to the terrain on the map, and make your dispositions accordingly. All the scenarios are developed using the online map tool, modified as I think it appeared in the 80's. The Canadians (much as in real factors in the 80's) are weak on armour. Decide what to hold and what to give up as the game progresses.

I hope the Czech tactics give you a challenge. The problem of scenario design is knowing how I've set the OPFOR, where they're coming from and what their objectives are. So in playtesting, I've tried to set the balance and then my objective in the test is to gauge comparative losses. After twelve attempts with the final version, I still took greater casualties than I expected.

I'm working on the remaining three scenarios and hope to have them in an acceptable state (at least by my standards) soon. Hope this one is acceptable for a fun play.

Tom Garlock
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